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Thief, liar, plundering the innocent are some of the first things that comes to mind when I don`t accept my credit card on RBS-worldpay.they, because they knew I could top up.they charged me $500 from my bank as an application fee and then didn`t approve my application. If I wrote about the refund, they did not respond for 15 days. then I received an email asking for my bank details that they already had… then I sent a dozen emails over the next two weeks, but no response… and then they finally said that “worldpay made the transfer to my account.” I haven`t received the money yet, so I asked them for proof of the transfer and that was 10 days ago, the answer was “We`re looking into the problem.” I`m still waiting. I am amazed at how easily these banks are making fun of customers, and there is no one to monitor or stop that. I`m angry with the system. Here`s a $500 tip — Boycott RBS-worldpay I regret to hear you have such a frustrating situation. They should consider filing a complaint from BBB, as this unfortunately sometimes encourages companies to react. We haven`t encountered this particular problem that you have with transferring a gift card credit to a new processor, but this should be possible, and something you`ll discuss with your new processing options. In the end, it looks like you just want to keep running from this processor as fast as possible, so the first thing to do is check your contract. In your dealer contract, you`ll find instructions on how to close your account before it`s renewed for you. A complaint from BBB could also give you some leverage to avoid early termination fees if you wish to continue before the terms of your contractual status.

Hopefully this will help and good luck! WorldPay has been a disaster for us from the beginning. The seller who signed us misled us about the fees and the amount of help we can expect from him and WorldPay. Any attempt to update our account data (business contact information, new bank account, etc.) has not been processed. Unknown amount limits were set on our account, which limited the high dollar transactions we processed on a regular basis. After working on a clumsy service, we decided to terminate our contract prematurely. The payment of the termination fee was worth it. If you own a business: don`t work with WorldPay. If there is less than one star, I would choose zero stars!!!!!. This is literally the worst business you can ever run!! They stole $5,500 from our orders as a customer ordered something special, then he changed his mind after he brought it in, then he made a refund (of $1,000) and just a global salary that froze $7700 of our sales and said they would only unlock $2,000 of them!!!!!!!! Don`t worry about these guys, real scams and we have bees spending weeks trying to get our money back and giving them all the evidence they asked for, but they just ignore us and not always bother to reply to emails.

We put them in court BE CAREFUL AND DEAL WITH THEM!!!!!!!! YOU ARE YOUR MONEY The worst company of all time with the rude customer service employees you treat as if you work for them instead of working for you!! Registered in August for a terminal, I tried to cancel my account today and was told that I had signed a three-year contract and that I had to pay an early termination fee of $295 to cancel! The merchant who signed me never told me that I was signing a contract suspended for three years, let alone that an early termination was attached if I decided to terminate.

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