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Wisconsin Interstate Agreement On Detainers

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The agreement also provides that, when a prisoner seeks an injunction for a case for which an inmate has been filed, he applies for an order on all matters for which the detainees have been submitted by the same “[S]tate”. Article III, point (d). In this context, the various federal districts have been referred to as separate “[S]tates. See UNITED States v. Bryant, 612 F.2d 806 (4. Cir. 1979), cert. The agreement does not authorize prosecutions for other charges for which no detainee has been detained unless they arise from the same transaction. [Article V, point d) ] It is not clear whether the trial of the latter is mandatory.

(a) At the request of Article III or Article IV of the following article, the competent authority of a State of origin proposes to transfer the temporary custody of that prisoner to the competent authority of the state where such an indictment, information or complaint is pending against that person, in order to allow swift and effective prosecution; If the request for a final decision is made by the prisoner, the offer of temporary custody is attached to the written notification provided for in Article III of this agreement. In the case of a federal prisoner, the competent authority of the host Member State is entitled to temporary provisional custody under this arrangement or to the presence of the prisoner in federal detention at the for, depending on whether the conservatory custody may be authorized by the custodian. (b) The official or any other representative of a state that accepts an offer of temporary custody submits, at his request, the following: This intergovernmental compact article is a offspring; We plan to grow it in the future. If you want to help it grow, please consider a tax in Ballotpedia. (a) Where a person has entered a prison sentence in a prison or prison in a party state and an unproven charge, information or complaint is pending in another Member State while the period of imprisonment continues, on the basis of which an inmate has been tried against the prisoner, he is tried within one hundred and ninety days after his conviction. The prosecutor and the competent court of the prosecutor in writing on the place of his detention and his request for a final order concerning the indictment, information or complaint: Provided that, as a matter of right, the prisoner or his lawyer is present, the court responsible for the case may grant any necessary or appropriate continuation.

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