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This agreement on medical services (“MSA” or “agreement”) is concluded on the date of the 20th between the `contracted doctors` and the user of the clinical freelancer I.D. is `%`%`. The Health Care Facility and contract Medical Professional engaged The Services of Liberation Medical Systems, Inc., a Company in the State of Florida (`Freelance Clinician`) for research or the provision of medical services. and, inconceiving, that Health Care Facility and Contract Medical Professional intend to enter into a medical services contract in which health Care Facility MedicalContract Professional is responsible for providing medical services as independent contractors to clients and patients of health facilities; And, Health Care Facility and Contract Medical Professional recognize the value of Freelance Clinician`s services.Now, given the reciprocal commitments included in it, and for other good and valuable counterparties, the parties accept and promise as follows:1. Definitions.As are used in this agreement, the following terms have the following meaning: a. The parties agree that all payments for compensation for CMP benefits are made through the billing and payment system. b) CMP and HCF each recognize that Freelance Clinician is entitled to receive its fees for any payment made by HCF. c. HCF is credited with paying a CMP invoice on the day that this payment is made to the billing and payment system, and HCF is entitled to the prompt account authorized by that MSA, if any, based on the date of payment by HCF to the billing and payment system. d. CMP understands and accepts that Freelance Clinician`s fee will be taken over from CMP`s payment processing account immediately after the transfer of the HCF payment to CMP.e.

HCF recognizes and accepts that its responsibility for paying CMP invoices is independent of its ability to collect from its patients, Medicare, Medicaid, other insurance programs or another party responsible for paying for health care.

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