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Oracle partnernetwork Full Use Oracle PARTNERNETWORK FULL PROGRAM DISTRIBUTION AGREEMENT This comprehensive use contract for program distribution (“Agrement “) contains the terms and definitions below as well as all orders you have submitted. This agreement as effective only if it is accepted by Oracle. If Oracle agrees, you and the terms of this agreement will . a. The definitions of the “you” and “your” contract refer to the entity that entered into this agreement with Oracle Norge (“Oracle”) to distribute Oracle`s program and/or services with the age of the value-added package. “You” and “your” also refer to your majority-owned subsidiaries. You guarantee that you have the right to marry your subsidiaries wholly owned under this agreement and any order applicable with Oracle and other Warr ant that you are liable for a violation of these Terms by your majority-owned subsidiaries. The term “next to programs” refers to the documentation ved in the program, which cannot be used installation or operation of the program who provides the program. The term “right” refers to the right to distribute programs, income credits and/or services at the end user with the value-added package provided for by this agreement. The term “end user” refers to a third party who, for use the program internal enterprise under the terms of a license user convention as in this agreement.

The r must not include a public sector agency. The term “end user license ” refers to an oracle and services licensing agreement (OLSA) or an existing licensing agreement Oracle and the Oracles s g. The term “full use” refers to unchanged versions of the program with intact functions. The term “learning credits” is defined in the provisions and licensing rules in this agreement who are available under partner. orcle.com (Registration, Membership/Agreements and Policies) The term “media package” refers to the media on which the program can be provided when the program infed is not provided electronically. The term “Oracle Finance Division Contract” refers to a link between you and Oracle (or one of Oracle`s affiliates) that the payments on a certain date or the sum of the sums due to Oracle under this agreement. The term “Oracle PartnerNetwork” refers to Oracle`s partner Program which provides access to certain Oracle services, tools and resources. You can access Oracle PartnerNetwork under partner. .com.

The term “partner order line” refers to the partner orders directive in force at the time of transmission of orders to Racle which can be amended at Orac`s discretion. You can access the current version of the partner order policy on partner. orcle.com (Registration, Membership/ Agreements and Policies) The term “programs” refers to software products owned by Oracle or marketed by Oracle, including program documentation and all -entry programs purchased through technical support.

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