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Neither Enterprise Agreements (EAs) enroll in the Enterprise Licensing Program that allows you to access software, training and technical support to improve skills, promote team cooperation and reduce development time. A valid service agreement may be required and assistance options vary from country to country. Note: Some older enterprise agreements include the developer Suite configuration and not a “software platform” configuration. If you have a Developer Suite configuration, please contact your software administrator or EA. Support@ni.com to learn more about your specific software benefits. The Control Test Plus kit contains Control Test Bundle tools added with additional tool kits and modules for more features. It is the largest National Instrument progicial for AAs. Comparison between FLEXlm and NI Volume License Manager Licensing Options for Connected and Offline Licenses Ask for a Resources and Steps license file to set up LMTools and launch server distribution software to end-users Quarterly Usage Reports Find out how to access and enjoy the benefits of your EA program. .

The Control Bundle contains real-time and FPGA development modules that make this package valuable for embedded developers and all projects that require fast and reliable performance. Reduce marketing and project time by accelerating learning and increasing productivity with NI products. NI Customer Education offers a wide variety of learning experience for new and competent users. Discover proven ways to improve code reuse and application scalability, whether you`re developing alone or with a team. NI Customer Education can be informed via support for your budget, schedule and qualification level. A training loan is a contact identified in your company that manages and authorizes the use of training credits in an enterprise agreement. Ultimately, they will be the contact who will work with NI`s client education team to initiate the course planning process. Other contacts in your company can help with course coordination, usually in the field, as long as the training lender has given permission to move forward. This document lists the NI software offered in the Enterprise Agreement (EA) software licensing program. .

This webcast helps a software administrator set up a licensing server for an enterprise agreement with FlexNet Publisher (formerly FLEXlm) and LMTools. The content appears in another available language. Your browser may contain features that can help translate text. Training credits are usually used for local training near an end user or on-site in your company, but some courses are offered virtually with a live instructor. In the following table, you`ll know if a progiciau is included in your company`s EA Software Platform. Local training application process (regional courses in your area or virtual courses): I want to access self-learning the ni.com to which I am entitled. How can I do that? If you are an end-user of NI software and training and you are not sure who your training loan is, send an email to EA. Training@ni.com to find out. . The following resources can help you plan and prioritize the use of your training credits, the training lender in a business with an enterprise agreement. As soon as a course has been approved by your training lender, it is sent to EA. Training@ni.com for registration.

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