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By nature, a separation is therefore selfish, because a person always has the “grass is greener” syndrome, where he is convinced of a happier life or a better partner after separation. I think it`s easier when it comes to each other, but I know very few breaks, where that`s actually the case. I haven`t knocked over a lot of guys, but in my experience, when I`ve reached the (emotional) point of wanting you in my life, you can`t change your mind. But what if the separation is quiet? What will happen if there is no major and dramatic event ruining the relationship? What happens if you finish things on the right terms? When I got out of the post on the bride, whose fiancé refused to detach herself from her after she confessed that she had cheated, I wondered what the bees generally thought of the breakup. In fact, I thought about it a lot because I had friends in a similar logic, and it`s very confusing for me. In my opinion, if I decide to detach myself from someone, no matter what they think about it; They can say no as much as they want and try to convince me to stay natural, but it`s up to me to choose who I should be with. The idea of staying because “they didn`t want to disintegrate” is so strange to me and that`s because they`re only for playwrights, even if they`re not always the case. Separation ceases to be reciprocal at the moment because you have changed your mind. Sometimes there is no hostility. No one is fighting with these separations.

You don`t fight or fight for each other. There are no shouts, insults or drunken squeaks in the middle of the night. Going back to my point of origin, if you separate from another friend or fight for your relationship can be divided into a simple question: do you decide to decide the ego or the heart? Some of you wonder if it is possible to get back together after a mutual separation, when the reason you dissolved was that it was as if love had disappeared. @MrsRevolutionize: What? Of course, you don`t need the other person`s permission to dissolve. Ideally, all separations would be reciprocal and friendly, but obviously things don`t always happen that way and when a person ends their relationship, it`s over. No one has the authority to force another person to stay with them — if that happens, the relationship is obviously very confusing and/or insulting.

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