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The apprenticeship agreement should include all the learning gains that the student must obtain during the exchange. For the mobility of students for studies, the apprenticeship agreement should define the group of educational components that will be replaced at the end of their studies abroad. See the guidelines below. After completing and submitting your application form, you must download the following documents: 1) The “pre-mobility” part of the learning agreement; AAA: If possible before departure 2) The part of the learning agreement “during mobility” – Changes to the initial apprenticeship agreement Depending on the form model, you can view or modify the application data. Access to your app depends on the type of submission. You retain the courses you attend at the host university. At the same time, you accept with your SPL the LVs for which you must take these courses into account. The Learning Agreement before the Mobility must be on all three sides (students, SPL, host university). The three parties who sign the apprenticeship agreement are committed to respecting all agreed agreements and thereby ensuring that the student will obtain recognition for studies or internships conducted abroad without any other requirements. The learning agreement aims to ensure transparent and effective preparation of exchanges to ensure that the student is recognized for successful activities abroad. Deadlines: Recognize (at the SPL) and download Transcript of Records and Learning Agreement after the Mobility in Mobility Online within 2 months of the end of your stay or if your stay ends at the end of June or later, until November 15.

If you do not have a course, please inform us by email or write it down directly on the Learning Agreement. If you would like to use Table C of the Learning Agreement “after mobility” form for the list of your services, for example because your host university does not create its own form, please indicate at the beginning of the document the actual period of your mobility abroad – this period must correspond to the period indicated on the certificate of departure. Table C must be signed by the host university and submitted in the AAA. Table A: Choice of courses you should take at the host university For student mobility for internships, the apprenticeship agreement should determine how the internship is recognized, depending on whether it is counted on the basis of the student`s diploma, on a voluntary basis (not mandatory for the diploma) or by a graduate.

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