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The continued recession has wreaked havoc. In July 1985, 117 apprentices were set up; By the end of 1986, this figure had fallen to 85. Several measures have been taken to address the crisis. The debate on the implementation of a scholarship loan contract began, the committee looked at the move to a five-year program and an industry support fund was established. In 1987, contractors and the union cooperated in joint branch meetings. In the fall of 1986, Assistant Director Ken Fry left the training centre and worked as a Business Rep/Dispatcher for Local 48. He has also been appointed to the Trust and the JATC. (Commercial/industrial contract, valid 01.01.2018 – 31.12.2020) We continued to see a large number of people applying for the program. In 1994, there were 714 candidates in the Inside programme, 9.8% of whom were women and 17.2% were minorities. This year, the committee ended the use of the GATB aptitude test. The commission has approved a sexual harassment policy and has scheduled a new roundtable on women for next spring. In 1987, the scholarship contract and the five-year apprenticeship program were implemented.

Work has begun to improve. Local 48 purchased property from the Training Trust to build its own union hall and offices. The IBEW Local 48 has been around for more than a century. In general, most of the partners heard from IBEW electricians and technicians and about half of them decided to become members. The rest of the electricity workers have not received the information they need to make a fair decision on membership, or they have ideological opposition of any kind. One way or another, we`re glad you`re here to find out more. By coming together, we are ultimately creating the cost of the labour investments we are making in the highly profitable electrical industry. The best part is that we are not facing our electric companies, but we are side by side and we are signing our contracts as partners. Read on to learn more about how our organization can benefit you and your family.

With the enormous growth of the program, the committee took the courageous step of building a new training centre on the NE Airport Way, next to IBEW Local 48.

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