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“[DDP] made it clear that they chose the participants in the agreement, but they nevertheless gave their employees the choice of a union or non-union agreement,” he said. Find your agreement on the Fair Work Commission`s website with Keywords – He also rejected the ETU`s arguments that the agreement did not pass the “best overall test” (BOOT) in relation to the awarding conditions. An employer`s warning that the company would be concluded if employees were pursuing a union agreement was not a breach of bargaining in good faith, as it still offers workers a choice between a union agreement and a non-union agreement, according to Fair Work. Workers who are not covered by a specific labour agreement are most likely to fall under one of the modernist national awards. There are 122 modern awards that were designed to replace the thousands of state and federal awards in 2010. However, NSW employees and municipal employees continue to be covered by government distinctions or enterprise agreements. The vast majority of ETU members are covered by specific labour agreements, but if you need access to your modern price, they can be found on the Fair Labour Commission website or if they are covered by a public price on the NSW Industrial Relations Commission website. If you are unsure of the premium that covers your work, please contact your office closest to the ETU for help. Overall, the agreement`s high pay rates, which were about 40% higher than the mark-up rates, meant that workers would always be better off under the agreement. ETU Assistant Secretary of State Michael Wright said the union was “actively considering introducing mandatory proceedings in the Federal Court of Justice” on the agreement. The Vice-President of the Fair Labour Commission, Bryce Cross, this week took the decision to approve the independent agreement of the NSW unions for DDP Electrical Services, which broke the 15-year agreement with the Electrical Trade Union.

The ETU had challenged the agreement, citing DDP`s letter to employees, in which it warned that if the union had to successfully negotiate an agreement, the workers were unemployed, they were working and the business was closed within six months. Employees then voted in favour of a union contract and last year 97.5% supported the new agreement covering construction work in Sydney and NSW`s North and South.

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